Project Description


This season blush looks new combined with soft animal print pieces…this ensemble will make any woman feel confident and beautiful

Long Sleeve V-Neck Pullover Sweater

V Neck Pullover

Leopard Print Short Sleeve Oversized Crew Neck Boxy T-Shirt

Short Sleeve Crew Neck

Sleeveless Collared Button-Down Shirt

Collared Button-Down

Women's Mid-Rise Skinny Pants

Mid-Rise Skinny Pants

Regular Fit High-Rise Wide Leg Linen Pants

Mid-Rise Pants

Casual Fit Long Sleeve Crewneck Button-Down Cardigan

Casual Cardigan

Bucket Mini Backpack

Bucket Mini Backpack

Beaded Woven Drop Circle Earrings

Beaded Woven Earrings

Rattan Box Crossbody Bag

Rattan Box Bag

Winona Leopard Ankle Strap Sandals

Leopard Ankle Sandal

Tera Naked Ankle Strappy Sandals

Metallic Strap Sandal

Taryn Woven Toe Ring Sandals

Toe Ring Sandal