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Project Description

Unique Bathroom with Relaxed Style

Soft, blush-pink accents blended with warm wood and natural elements. And love this decorative ladder-simply lean it where you think it fits best. Take it a step further by using the rungs as platforms to hang other decorative accents. Its design will resonate harmoniously with any wooden or antique furnishings and lend a vintage atmosphere to your room.

Unique BathroomUnique Bathroom
Unique Bathroom with Relaxed Style 1

Lace Ruffle Shower Curtain

Decorative Ladder with Solid Walnut

Decorative Walnut Ladder

3.3x5’ Milo Area Rug

Milo area Rug

Glass Soap:Lotion Dispenser Blush

Pink Glass Dispenser

Glass Soap Dish

Glass Soap Dish

Glass Toothbrush Holder Blush

Glass Toothbrush Holder

4pc Woven Pattern Towel Set

Woven Pattern Towel Set

Pink Glass Tea Light Holder

12 ct Tea Glass Holders

2pk Hand Towel Set

Hand Towel Set