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Project Description

Time For Me

If you’re like most of us, the big questions are…how can I make time for me or where do I start when I have some? As part of our wellness we will feature different activities and ideas for you & gather the basics. Our goal: just click, buy and start. Two ideas featured here 1. Start a light routine with adjustable weights, take a relaxing walk, and use technology to track your progress. It’s so rewarding to see what you’ve achieved. 2. Start a sport, like golf. Golf can provide low impact, quality bonding time with a friend plus the added bonus of looking cute while you’re doing it. You’re also outdoors which can be invigorating too.

Time For MeTime For Me
Time For Me 1

15 pc Golf Club Set

Time For Me 2

Cobra Ladies Driver

Time For Me 3

4 GPS Apple Watch

Time For Me 4

Puma Golf Shoes

Time For Me 5

Callaway Gold Balls

Time For Me 6

12.5 lb Adjustable Weights

Time For Me 7

Cabana Stripe Glove

Time For Me 8

Pretty in Pink Polo

Time For Me 9

Golf Bag Push Cart