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Project Description

Go-Anywhere Perfume

“How do you smell so amazing?” The secret…rollerballs. So economical, you can hide or take them anywhere! Heighten your spirits with these mini mood-boosting perfume oil rollerballs. Also try the romantic and citrus scents. Light and silky, roll over wrists and neck for a long-lasting scent. Some are infused with pure essential oils for a personalized aromatherapy experience. Enjoy!

Go-Anywhere PerfumeGo-Anywhere Perfume
Go-Anywhere Perfume 1

Brainiac Rollerball Perfume

Go-Anywhere Perfume 2

Mood Boosting Fragrance

Go-Anywhere Perfume 3

Apricot Bloom Perfume

Go-Anywhere Perfume 4

Queen Bee Perfume

Go-Anywhere Perfume 5

Fragrance Gift Set

Go-Anywhere Perfume 6

Silver Coast Perfume