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Bake in Style

Whether you’re whipping a meringue, mixing dry batter ingredients or tossing a salad, you can count on these beautiful mixing bowl sets and beautiful baking dishes. Add in the great accent pieces and you are baking in style. Hint: The silver mixing bowls stay put as you stir thanks to a nonslip silicone coating on their bases, helping prevent accidental spills and other mixing mishaps. And best of all, the stainless steel design is durable and dishwasher safe, letting you use them again whenever you need them.

Bake in StyleBake in Style
Bake in Style 1

Pink Glass Cake Stand

Bake in Style 2

Vintage Cakes Cookbook

Bake in Style 3

Pink Glass Egg Platter

Bake in Style 4

Ceramic Egg Tray

Bake in Style 5

Decorative Black Easel


Bake in Style 6

Bowl Measuring Cups

Bake in Style 7

Non-Slip Mixing Bowls


Bake in Style 8

Cupcake Baking Liners

Bake in Style 9

Marble Rolling Pin

Bake in Style 10

Pink Square Pan


Bake in Style 11

Glass Milk Server

Bake in Style 12

Rose Water Baking Dish