A Little Nourishing – and Dry Lips Become Kissable2019-01-07T21:15:29+00:00

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A Little Nourishing – and Dry Lips Become Kissable

There’s an easy solution to the chapped, cracked lips winter is so infamous for. Begin by using Silicone Rubber Sonic Lip Exfoliator or try the Sugar Cookie Lip Scrub. After a minute or two of exfoliating, hydrate your lips with ChapStick Total Hydration Vitamin Enriched Tinted Lip Oil. It’s a lightweight oil formulated with Vitamins E, C, & Omegas that glides on easily to visibly tint and renew your lips. Final Lip-Tip: Leave ChapStick’s Night Serum next to your bed (or in your car glove box) for an extra dose of kiss-ability.

Pop Sonic Lip Exfoliator


Bliss Sugar Lip Scrub


S/4 Super Fruit Lip Balm


Total Hydration Tinted Lip Oil


Lip Balm Overnight Serum


Hydrating Lip Mask


Soap & Glory Lip Gloss


O’Keefe Lip Repair