Target’s fashion. Edited for you.

About Us

Actually –

It’s not about us. It’s about women.

And how we keep believing that putting everything else first, ourselves last, is a good idea.

As women who have been there, done that, we have a better idea –

Let’s help women put themselves first.

By making it radically simple to look and feel good every day.

And that goodness, we believe, will fuel everything else.

So –

We put together a small, talented team.

Who live for design. Love affordable fashion. Called ourselves SimplyThrive.

And started editing Target’s fashion in a new way.

No endless search. No overwhelming choice.

We do the simplifying. You do the thriving.

It’s just a test. It won’t be perfect. Target is just the beginning.

But –

With your honest feedback, who knows how far this idea will go.

And how many women we will help.

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